At Villa Prana, we have available Psychology, Ayurvedic Therapy and Integrative Holistic Therapy appointments. These sessions are designed to prevent or treat the onset of pathologies and maintain overall well-being. They have different approaches, but the main objective is to provide a better quality of life for the patient.


Clinical Psychology Consultation, Clinical Hypnosis, "Bullying", Psychotherapy.  Consultation in a relaxed and relaxed environment. The way could be this way. Contact us for more information


Clinical psychologist

Bullying Portal Director

Dra Tania Paias

Ayurvedic Therapy

Ayurvedic Therapy consultations, using various forms of diagnosis, including tongue, skin, urine, iris, etc. Deliver report with description of Bio-type, supplementation  and dosage, as well as nutritional counseling


Ayurveda therapist

David Ferreira

Integrative Holistic Therapy

Through the use of various techniques, integral balance is sought. Use of Arthro-myofascial Therapy, Bio Energetic Kinesiology. Treatment of intolerances and allergies.

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Osteopathy | Thermography | Bio Energetic Kinesiology

Nuno Lourenço