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The Human Body has the powerful and incredible ability to self-regenerate, to self-heal.

In occasions of imbalance and illness, the natural tendency of the organism is to restore itself, to heal itself, and our organism activates the means, defenses to recover through this simple mechanism. Therefore, in some cases, we need to use therapeutic methods.

We invite you to this immersion where we will work and develop together, through practices and techniques, how to improve this ability.

In our lives, your best reward is to be at ease with it, and you will only achieve this goal if you are healthy, it is useless if you are not in balance. The disease manifests itself in this imbalance. You have to be vigilant and connected so that you can follow and correctly handle what is missing, or what could be too much in your multiple bodies, among them the physical, mental, energetic and emotional body.

Health proliferates in the ability to adapt to the environment and to stimulate that powerful innate force of SELF-HEALING, of which our body is a part.

We will help you in that search, in that immediate encounter with yourself.
You need to look after and watch.
Thus, through a healthy diet, activities and therapies that are exclusive and suitable for you, taking advantage of the mind and emotions, will be the trigger to avoid a life in decline and suffering.
Among the activities you can count on yoga classes, sound healing, healing rituals, among others.

Quoting Hippocrates:
“May your medicine be your food, and may your food be your medicine”

Immersion Date

29th October '22 | Saturday

This immersion in an urban environment will take place at Villa Prana Yoga and Ayurveda Center, in Portimão, and we invite you to develop skills to become autonomous in the healing process.
Throughout the days you will have the guidance of the facilitators as Silvia Duarte and Jamina Silva, and as a guest Daniela Luz.


Ayurveda Therapist Eunice Reis will be available for treatments and massages, which will help you in this journey.


Villa Prana Yoga and Ayurveda Center - Portimão


Villa Prana is located in the City center of Portimão, about 2kms from the sunny beach Praia da Rocha and a 10-minute walk from the estuary of the River Arade. The center is spread over 3 floors, practice room, shop and treatment rooms on ground floor, secondary shala and guesthouse entrance on the 1st floor, bedrooms and living room on the 2nd floor. Within the city, but with a greenary outdoor seating area around it, invites to  isolation, tranquility and introspection. A practice room invites you to practice and be part of your rejuvenation. giving a chance to your body.

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Sílvia Duarte

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Jamina Ann da Silva


Daniela Luz

This immersion will feature the facilitators Sílvia Duarte and Jamina Ann da Silva, as well as the special presence of Daniela Luz - Yoga Teacher.

Dedicated to this way of life for several years, she found this path during a period of self-reflection. Since then, his journey has been guided by the values and teachings of Yoga, his message being inspired by his trips to India, Nepal, Tibet. From an early age linked to physical well-being, she joined Yoga as a union between Body and Mind. 

He obtained the teachings of several different Yoga teachers and currents in order to complement his comprehensive knowledge under the various approaches. Married in Goa, in 2014, where she annually promotes the practice of Ayurveda Medicine through Panchakarma – Detox treatments, in a long-term partnership with the Ayurclinic Goa Clinic, in Mandrem, Goa, by her friend Dr. Rohit Borkar.

Its classes include various breathing techniques, purification and physical postures in order to promote daily mobility without limitations. The component of Ayurvedic Medicine in their yoga classes is a constant in order to impact each student individually and in detail.


Intuitive since childhood, she awakened in a more conscious way to spirituality around the age of 15/16, when she started to use tarot cards in a natural and innate way, being today 20 years of experience in this practice. Reading tarot, having specialized in the Native American Tarot, for the affinity he always felt with the spirituality of the Indians.


Since 2002, he has deepened and developed his career in the field of holistic therapies, in Portugal and in the United Kingdom, where she is born, where she completed several courses like Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Therapy, Chromotherapy, Regression Therapy, Dream Interpretation , NLP, Astrology, and Advanced Mediumship with renowned international Mediums James Van Praagh and Tony Stockwell.


In 2012 she was interviewed by Fátima Lopes on TVI, to talk about her life path, and in 2013 she was invited again by the program “A Tarde é Sua” to make the annual forecasts for 2014. , monthly and annual for each sign, on the most watched online spiritual program in Portugal, Sapo Astral/Lifestyle/Zen, where you can find Jamina's videos and written predictions.


Jamina develops trainings, workshops, events, meditations and carries out consultations always with the aim of helping others to find their own inner strength and ability for personal transformation.

Daniela Luz is an international Mindfulness and Meditation mentor and Yoga teacher. It has several specializations in the field of Yoga from Somatic/Trauma Informed Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Aerial and Prenatal. 
Her willingness to share is born out of a process of emotional healing and self-love, with her main purpose being to empower people “on and off” the mat, in search of their physical, mental and emotional balance.

Experiencing extreme exhaustion and constant stress due to a demanding professional path (management of a center with children with special educational needs from families at risk), she found in the practice of yoga and meditation.

Through immersion and personal development studies over several years in Buddhist monasteries, ashrams, schools (Australia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia and  India), he gained a new perspective of embracing life and the challenges,  com   more focus and clarity. Daniela realized that by taking better care of herself, she could serve others on a much deeper level. By experiencing this body-mind-heart-spirit reconnection, he felt that this message had to be shared with the world. 

Since then, Daniela has traveled the world sharing her mission to empower hundreds of people in the “awakening” process, developing solid work with international organizations through programs, retreats, training, healing, wellness and stress management workshops.

Any questions you may have, we will be available for you here, and we will be delighted to help.


07.15     -    The Five Tibetan Rites
08.00     -    Breakfast
09.30     -    Chakra Yoga Practice - Bija Mantras
11.30     -    Healing Writing

13.00     -    Lunch
16.00     -    Healing Circle
18.00     -    Healing Elements

19.30     -    Veg Dinner
21.00     -    Meditative Sound Session
22.00     -    Farewell Circle


Your contribution will be €120 -  with 3 Veg meals, practices and a special gift.

All participants will obtain a 30% discount voucher, for exclusive use in Ayurveda Therapy Consultation with Senior Therapist Achyuta Veda. Also a 15% discount voucher will be give to be used in therapies.

Your spot to be guaranteed, the total amount payment should be done. All payments done after 24th October will not be refundable.

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