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Meru Chikitsa

What is Meru Chikitsa?

Meru means "spine" in Sanskrit, Chikitsa means "setting right', Meruchikitsah is an ancient ayurvedic spinal and neuro therapy using light and precise touches to specific areas along the spine. Through the medium of your spine you are setting yourself right. 

The same intelligence that created you is also able to heal you.
The very source of this universe is where the healing comes from and it resides in your spine, 
it's the art of using the spine to access our deepest naturel which increases awareness and brings a sense of wellbeing and health eliminating diseases conditions ; It works on meridians, electric circuits in the body affecting spinal fluids, bonne structure and position. 


Who can do it ?

It's not just for unhealthy people, the root cause of any disease and condition is stuck energy (blocked movement of prana - the life force energy) , Meru works directly on the central nervous system through the spine. Through gentle touches on the spine, we can channelize the stuck energy in the spine and create a safe space for the body to heal itself. When ennergy starts flowing properly through the spine, the self healing mechanism of the body gets promoted. the tensions and restrictions in the body get released and a state of complete wellness and bliss is achieved. 

Which are the benefits ?

The nervous system controls and regulates each bodily activity down to the working of cells. With Meruchikitsah, we release tensions and restrictions in the spine, thereby healing every part of the body. It helps in moving the bound energy in us, improving acute as well as chronic disease conditions from the root, it also acts as prevention. 

- Helps us in connecting deeper with our own body intelligence and our own natural healing energy.
- By helping the energy to flow, it helps removing the blocks which might have created tensions and diseases. 
- Helps eliminating stress and anxiety, releasing tensions in the central nervous system
- Gives more flexibility in the spine and body
- Develops immunity
- Improves sleep
- Improves self-empowerment and joy
- Balances doshas by restoring and balancing the energy forces of the body that regulate the physiological equilibrium
- Helps in pain relief, depression, auto-immune disorders, digestive issues...from back pain to other issues
- Helps releasing past impressions, mental and emotional traumas
- Helps us accessing the infinite energy within us, connecting us deeper to the Self
- Builds structural support and balance to gain upright posture
- Migraines and headaches
- Menstrual issues and fertility
- Back pain and sciatica


During the session :

It's an energy healing session, not a massage. During the session, there are light spinal manipulations, breaths and gentle pressure helping you  release pain, emotions and patterns, so you slowly start to relax in your true nature.


How does it work ? 

In this treatment, I work on different points situated along the spine. Each of these touches allow  to assist the body to get rid of tensions that are built in the conjunctive tissues and that are diverting the spine from its optimal alignment, which also affects the nervous system. These tensions can be related to physical, emotional or mental traumas, the information or the experience get stuck in the bodily tissues and generate stress for the nervous system and a lesser energy, which later can lead to diseases.

This therapy helps to restore the functions in the nervous system as well as the ones of the spinal fluids by simple adjustments of the spine. It also helps to balance the vital forces (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), responsible for the physiological functions and the maintenance of harmony between body, mind and spirit. During these healing sessions, we connect to our innate healing capacities.

The benefits are many and diverse, it's not necessary to have a disease or back problems to benefit from it. You can from the first session find already a better energy, a better concentration, less anxiety, less pain, a better sleep, more flexibility, a better emotional balance, more confidence, resilience and joy...

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