Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Classes Online

In Our Virtual Studio you will find Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Classes, likewise Healthy tips and an Holistic approach to Ayurveda.

Anytime and anywhere you can access to our classes, live or pre recorded at very accessible prices.

In every package, esception made to 1 week pass, there will be one trial week and decide if this is what you're looking for.

Check, make classes, search and then decide...

There will be added several content weekly, like videos, audios or pdf documents.

Enjoy all these practices or products at your comfy home or any other pleasant spot.

Packages Available


- Experimental free week - try it before paying;

- more than 100 classes online, ;

- Pilates, Yoga & Meditation Classes;

- Various lenght classes;

- Meditation and Yoga Nidra audios;

- Different themes pdf documents;

- Weekly updated;

- Free of Charge content;

- More than 20 classes weekly;

- Interactive classes with adjustments;

- Pilates, Yoga (several types) & Meditation Classes;

- Various length classes;

- Friendly use platform;

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online schedule pdf

To register and schedule, register here:
LiveStreaming Platform

Payments Available on the Platform:

Paypal or Credit Card

MBWay and Bank Transfer also accepted

Payment ways available (Video Library)

Bank Transfer

Register in the platform, do the correspondent payment of the preferred package, and send us an e-mail mentioning that and the proof of payment. As soon as possible we will activate your account. If you have choose the live streaming class, please do it in advance, to activate your account before the schedule class starts.

On the packages Weekly Pass & Live Streaming the trial period is excluded.For the Live Streaming package there will be a 14 days period to use after purchase.

In order to have access to the trial week, you must complete the procedure, making the choice of the desired package and using the payment method available on the platform, to start the free period. Only then you will have access to the contents.


You will have 7 days of free content added daily, and if you like it, you do not need to do anything else, except to enjoy what we will continue to offer. If you do not wish to continue with us, you can cancel the registration before the trial period ends, as you will not be charged.

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Credit Card - Best and Faster way

After registering in the platform, select the preferred package and do the payment introducing the credit card data.

You can cancel until 7 days after the registration without being charged.

Important Notice: You should cancel your subscription if you wish to stop using thins service, and to stop the system to charge the monthly fee on your card. 

There will be no reimbursement of the amounts charged.