Emotions are the basis, pillar and structure of our lives, so breathing is guided by Emotion.
When we understand and assimilate this information and language, we have the knowledge to use the tools that will provide us a lighter, balanced and happier life.
This transformation will result in inner peace, which is an exceptional reward for your hard work.
That knowledge will give you the ability to manage and channel your Vital Energy - Prana. We invite you to meet yourself and together through techniques and practices, like breathing, postures and purifications, being a detoxifying, revitalizing and nourishing experience for your body, mind and emotions.

A pranic body is a happy body.
Just as we need to eliminate harmful foods and toxins that intoxicate our body, we must also "reset" the behavioral field, pushing away negative emotions.

Stress diminishes our ability to empathize and we easily accumulate feelings that intoxicate our emotional and mental bodies.
We need to create new sentimental and emotional habits.
A seed needs fertile soil to germinate..... Just like your body.

Retreat Date

21st to 24th of July

In this retreat you will be able to follow the instructions of 3 magnificent instructors, among them Sílvia Duarte - Hatha Yoga Teacher, Daniela Luz - Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher and  and Achyuta Veda - Meditation practitioner and Buddhist Monk.


Karuna Center - Monchique


The Karuna Retreat Center is located in the green mountains of Monchique, in the Algarve. Serra de Monchique is known for its thermal waters, medicinal plants, fresh air and lush flora, it is just 20 minutes from the most beautiful beaches and less than 10 minutes from the picturesque village of Monchique and the Thermal Springs of Caldas de Monchique. Karuna is one of the most secluded places in this area with a varied local flora and fauna. The property is located in a secluded and quiet area, making it perfect for those looking for peace. 

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Sílvia Duarte


Achyuta Veda


Daniela Luz

Dedicated to this path of life for several years, she found her path during a period of self-reflection. Since then, her journey has been guided by the values and teachings of Yoga, her message being inspired by her trips to India, Nepal, Tibet. From an early age linked to physical well-being, she joined Yoga as a union between Body and Mind. 

She acquired the teachings of several different Yoga teachers and currents, fulfilling her comprehensive knowledge by the different approaches. Married in Goa, in 2014, where she annually promotes the practice of Ayurveda Medicine through Panchakarma – Detox treatments, in a long-term partnership with the Ayurclinic Goa Clinic, in Mandrem, Goa, and by her friend Dr. Rohit Borkar.

Its classes include various breathing techniques, purification and physical postures to promote daily mobility without limitations to her followers and practitioners. The component of Ayurvedic Medicine in their yoga classes is a constant to impact each student individually.

Practitioner of Ayurveda Therapy and Philosophy, dedicated since 1993 to the world of spirituality. Catholic monk of the Ordem Hospitaleira de S. João de Deus for 8 years; in 1998 he got in touch with Ayurvedic Medicine, through a community of monks in southern Spain. 

In 2005, he completed the Ayurvedic Medicine course in the European Academy of Naturopathy – Malaga. In 2007 he travels to India Dharamshala and lives in a Tibetan monastery, where he studies Buddhist-Tibetan philosophy and meditation attending the classes of the HH Dalai Lama. 

That year he also visited the Vipassana Meditation Center in the Himalayas, and still in the mountains, he studies Ayurveda Therapy and Psychology at the Asho School of Ayurveda and Panchkarma; in 2008 he studied Panchakarma, at the Institute Siby's Kerala Traditional Siddha and Ayurveda Centre, Kerala, and was invited to be part of the teaching group of this School. He is a graduated Yoga teacher from Sivananda Vedanta – Madurai and lived at the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram from November 2008 to February 2009, in September 2009 he completed his Degree in Ayurveda Medicine at Cambridge International University. Senior Therapist of Ayurveda Medicine, provides diagnoses and treatments based on this health system, at Villa Prana Studio in Portimão, since 2017.


Daniela is an international Mindfulness & Meditation Mentor and Yoga Teacher. Daniela teaches a variety of styles, such as Somatic/Trauma Informed Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Aerial and Prenatal Yoga. 

Her willingness to share the benefits of Yoga and Meditation comes from a deep process of emotional healing and self-love. Her primary mission is to empower people on and off of the mat and to help them in their search for the inner balance of their body, heart and mind. 

She found yoga to be a comfort in her life after much  stress  in her professional career as a manager of a school with children with special needs. 

Throughout the years,  she immersed herself in the study of self-development in monasteries,ashrams and in studios in different countries such as Australia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia and India. Daniela has acquired  a new perspective on life and how to deal with challenges by gaining more focus and clarity. She understood the importance of self-love so she could serve others in a more profound way. Experiencing this deep reconnection between body - heart- mind-spirit,  she felt that this message needed to be shared with the world.  
Since then, Daniela has been traveling the world empowering hundreds of people in their awakening process, developing a solid connection with international organizations through wellness and healing programs, retreats, trainings, workshops and stress management events. 



16.00 - Arrival of participants
18.00 - Yoga Practice - Integration and grounding practice
19.00 - Vegetarian and Vegan Dinner
20.30 - Welcome Circle & Introduction 
21.00 -  Yoga Nidrà- Discovering your Sankalpa, your intention
22.00 - Rest time

07.15 - Free Meditation - Body/mind connection through breathing
08.00 - Breakfast
09.30 - Purifications & Pranayama - Postures and Breathing Techniques, Detox & Release
11.30 - Meditative Walk - Free Time
13.00 - Lunch in Silence
15.30 - Buddhist Meditation -  Toxic Emotions vs Selfless Love
17.30 - Yin Yoga - Organic Detox
19.00 - Dinner
20.30 - Buddhist Meditation

22.00 - Rest time

07.15 - Free Meditation
- Body/mind connection through breathing
08.00 - Breakfast
09.30 - Purifications & Pranayama - Postures and
Breathing Techniques - Anahata Chakra | Heart
11.30 - Meditative Walk
 - Free time
13.00 - Lunch in Silence
15.30 - Buddhist Meditation - My Karma, my responsability
17.30 -  Yin Yoga - Emotional Restorative

19.00 - Dinner
20.30 - Meditative Concert
22.30 - Rest time

07.15 - Free Meditation
- Body/mind connection through breathing
08.00 - Breakfast
09.30 - Practice of Yoga and Pranayama: Purpose and Manifestation
11.30 - Meditative Walk
 - Free time
13.00 - Lunch
15.00 - Satsanga & Farewell Circle




Being the 7 years of Villa Prana's life, nothing better than to present you with a great value and transforming experience, accessible to all. 

Your contribution will be €295.

Shared accommodation, 3 meals a day, activities and practices mentioned in the program.
Reservations until the 15th of July. Along with the registration payment of 100€ and the remaining payment up to 2 weeks before.

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