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Sat, 05 Nov



Family Constellations Course

Course with Julyana de C. Gallieti

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Family Constellations Course
Family Constellations Course

Time & Location

05 Nov 2022, 09:00 – 04 Jun 2023, 19:00

Portimão, Av. Miguel Bombarda 5, 8500-299 Portimão, Portugal

About the event

Family Systemic Constellations Course

The work called Family Constellations was created by Bert Hellinger. His personal and professional life experience greatly contributed to this development. The work mixes experience, theory and generosity. Family Constellations allow you to make the hidden dynamics in family relationships visible. The approach is oriented towards a systemic view of the inter-relationships that we are. It comes from the Systemic Phenomenological understanding, which advocates that every individual is part of a system and, as such, is influenced by other members of the system. In Systemic Constellations, configuring the family through representatives, it is possible to reestablish the “Orders of Love”, which are the Laws that act in all systems, bringing a solution to family dynamics. Our first form of relationship in the world, the family, is where we learn all the language encodings about reality and also beliefs, principles and values. The family systemic constellation is an effective and powerful way to clear the path of our unconscious in our relationships with life, work, relationships, prosperity, health, relationship with our heredity and in conflict resolution, bringing the opportunity to take a closer look. centered and loving for life. The constellation seeks to detect problems and dissolve old entanglements, releasing the strength within each of us for a satisfying and unhindered life.

Special Themes

  • Childhood wounds;
  • Difficulty in relationships;
  • Bad relationship with parents;
  • Family secrets;
  • Addictions and dependencies;
  • Unsurpassed deaths;
  • Feelings of guilt;
  • Unidentified feelings;
  • trauma;
  • Illnesses and symptoms;
  • Frequent accidents or illnesses;
  • Suicides;
  • depressions;
  • marital problems;
  • separations;
  • Adoption;
  • Abortion;
  • Learning problems;
  • Consequences of War and Migration
  • Patterns of life that repeat
  • internal suffering
  • Fault


  • Share knowledge about the family systemic constellation created by Bert Hellinger and co-create systemic knowledge.
  • Self-knowledge and transformation, realizing how the laws of belonging, order and balance between giving and receiving act in the family system itself.
  • Deepen knowledge in several areas, such as systems, morphogenetic fields, resonance and its application in family dynamics;
  • Develop and improve the observation and perception of systemic laws;
  • Learning to work with the phenomenological approach;
  • Practical learning and exercises of phenomenological behavior and posture.
  • Create your own systemic resources and exercises
  • Observe cases from different customers.
  • Open a range of opportunities to work in different areas according to the student's own background: individual clinical, family, judicial, organizational, educational assistance. Storytelling, works with metaphors and collective archetypes. Training in the systemic and phenomenological approach will provide the basis for working in Family Constellations.

Who is it for?

  • People who want to get to know and give themselves to a new experience, who want to add a new attitude to their work, who want to know a revolutionary work that is profoundly changing the lives of many people and the work of professionals from different areas all over the world. world.
  • For people who want to understand the influence of the events of previous generations on their lives;
  • People interested in knowing more about Family Constellations;
  • Health professionals;
  • People who act as Therapists;
  • Legal System Employees;
  • Mediators and Social Workers;
  • Managers, Coaches and Organizational Executives;
  • Professionals linked to Human Resources and People Management;
  • Employees of the Educational System;
  • People who seek self-knowledge;
  • People and organizations that work with families;
  • Law, Psychology, Administration and Social Assistance students; All those who want to investigate, observe and become aware of the personal and systemic unconscious aspects, often “hidden”, that limit the presence of wholeness, freedom and love in their lives.

Methodology“Our responsibility to others starts with the care we take with ourselves” The basic course consists of 9 modules. Each one is taught on 2 consecutive days, where, on the first day, we delve into themes of the constellation through slides, books, articles, films, videos of workshops carried out by Bert Hellinger, experiential exercises developed from systemic thinking and neurolinguistic programming, etc. . On the second day we will continue and half the day it will be open to anyone. On this day, trainees will be able to observe the placement of other people's constellations (led by the trainer) and can optionally place 5 constellations (included in the course fee). The themes worked will be articulated with the themes of each module.

The course is fundamentally experiential, so the participants have a permanent active role, observing themselves, doing many exercises and improving their skills in phenomenological analysis. “Eternity is living fully in the present”

The training is given on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 18:30 / 19:00 (with an hour and a half break for lunch), once a month for 9 months.

The total hours of face-to-face training should be around 165 hours. The total hours of autonomous work (readings, exercises, participation in more workshops and constellations, watching films) should be around 375 hours (taking into account the average of 1.5 hours per day).

Therefore, the total hours of the course will be around 540 hours.

Enrollment and Enrollment Send an email to with the following information: - Interest questionnaire - motivations for taking the course - Suggested time (exact time: Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 9 am to 8 pm) for interview by Skype (or whatsapp video call) a) Once the application is accepted, the payment of the REGISTRATION in the amount of €90 is required. The NIB will be sent after the interview. b) The registration fee must be paid by September 1, 2022. c) The registration fee will amount to €100 if paid within one week after the deadline. And it amounts to €120 if paid later. d) The registration fee is non-refundable (except for health reasons, in which case a medical justification must be presented). e) Trainees who have more than one module in arrears, postponing their completion for a later edition of the course, are required to reapply, as well as the same commitment of the remaining candidates corresponding to the payment of the registration fee. If the modules in arrears have not been paid for the first time the course is attended, their payment is obviously also required, in accordance with the amounts in force in the edition of the course for which the trainee is re-applying. f) The registration fee inherent to the re-application is that defined for the remaining candidates for the edition of the course for which the trainee is re-applicated. g) Trainees who only have one module in arrears do not have any additional costs (if they have already paid that module when they first attend the course). h) The missing module(s) can be completed in one of the three editions following the first frequency of the course, otherwise it will be necessary to attend the beginning course with the same conditions as the trainees who attended the course. attend for the first time.

*** values disclosed without the addition of VAT

Total Investment 1) The investment for the 9 course modules is €1,440 (€160 in each of the 9 months of the course). The first payment must be made by September 15, 2022 and the remaining payments must be made at least 8 days before the start of each of the remaining 8 modules. *In case of withdrawal (or postponement to another academic year) there is no refund (except for health reasons, requiring the presentation of a medical justification). 2) The registration fee is added to these total amounts (in the amount of €90, €100 or €120). Certificate A certificate is awarded with the total number of hours of the workshops and the topics covered, signed by the trainer. 1) To receive the final certification, each trainee will have: a) Participation in all modules of the course. b) Participation in three Family Constellations workshops in addition to the dates established in the course, facilitated by constellators of the student's choice. c) In case of missing one of the 9 modules, it implies losing the right to receive the certification, however, you can continue to attend the course until the end, and in the next edition of the course, attend the missing module, only then to receive the certificate of conclusion. Privileges: By attending this course, trainees will also have the following privileges: • Place a maximum of 5 Constellations (in the open groups throughout the course's weekend); • Work on topics that cause suffering or limit their lives in any way through supervised practical exercises among trainees; • Distance support during the 9 months of the course, via the Internet, where texts for reading and preparing the various training modules will also be distributed; • Preference in places to participate in other Family Constellations and Other workshops (extra-training, between April and December 2022) led by the trainer; • Faced with the need to further consolidate the course, there is a 30% discount on the value for assistants in workshops on family constellations and others until December 2023; • 5% discount on individual consultations.

Course schedule:Module 1 - October 1st and 2ndSystems thinking The systems to which we belong: family, organizations, education, etc. Introduction to Family Constellations The three consciences Guilt versus Innocence

Module 2 - November 5th and 6thOrders of help: the therapist's place and posture Ethical issues in the work of constellations Healing and self-healing The Presence welcomes the character, accompanies the action Therapist and the phenomenological field Attentive listening, hidden subjects Therapist and the interrupted movement How our ancestors act in our life Finding order within the system

Module 3 - December 3rd and 4thOrders of Love: Taking Life The Five Circles of Love Systemic entanglements and disentanglements Repeated patterns Systemic identifications Systemic loyalties Limiting beliefs

Module 4 - January 7th and 8thThe beginning of life as a couple begins with leaving their parents' home. Couples relationship: Complete men and complete women Emotional maturity to be able to create the new system - Who am I Family system of origin vs current family system Previous relationships: Divorces - Widowhood - others... Introduction to the psycholinguistic dimension of the constellations and training of psychotherapeutic interventions in the context of couple psychotherapy.

Module 5 - February 4th and 5thThe love that heals and the love that makes you sick: health vs illness process The repetition of illness in the family system Taking responsibility for your cure Healing yourself in order to facilitate the cure Family secrets Dependence, addictions, suicides and tragedies that are repeated in families

Module 6 - March 4th and 5thSystemic laws within professional organizations Roles occupied in organizational systems Money “I don't have time for anything” – What is time for me? Career versus financial prosperity Inheritance and family money The fear of success

Module 7 - April 1st and 2ndIndividual care with dolls Placements with figures and objects Family placement in individual consultation Neurolinguistic programming resources and archetypes Storytelling and works with metaphors

Module 8 - May 6th and 7thThe systemic field in life The group as a mirror of my processes Sustaining happiness Symptoms, feelings and internal movements The Constellation happens inside me Healing Phrases Healing images Curiosity cancels the effect

Module 9 - June 3rd and 4thSupervision of cases Exhibition of work with Family Constellations during three years in the criminal court within the Belford Roxo Court of Justice Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Respect for everyone's process The crisis as a way to create something NEW. True contracts are written in the “heart”

Facilitator Julyana de C. Galietti Psychologist with international training, Trainer in Neurolinguistics, Memory Regression, Energetic Alignment (Sacred Fire), Systemic Approach, Family Constellation Contacts: 963284149

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