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Your Guides

We are Sílvia and David, the guides that accompany you and help you travel in a peaceful and comfortable way. With more than 12 years of experience traveling to countries such as India, Nepal, Bhutan, China (Tibet), Sri Lanka or Thailand. We help with all the procedures, from purchasing the International Flight, visas, insurance, at all times during the trip without you having to worry about anything. Just Enjoy!!! Any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We are available to help you realize a dream...

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What they say about our journeys

More than 60 people participated in Villa Prana Trips

" 2023, on a new adventure to Kerala, safely and with all the sympathy and attention that is V/  life's purpose. Well Hajam!... Silvia and David always attentive to everyone, great friends, good leaders of the group. Without intruding, they let us go and do what we want. good organizetravel pains, Attentive"

Helen, Portimao

"...I had the opportunity to take a trip to India with VILLA PRANA and I recommend it 100%. I always felt safe and rested with the itinerary. The attention to detail of the places we visited by Silvia and David is excellent, always willing to provide more for the group, with a smile on their faces. I loved the experience! "

Nicole, Portimao

" was an excellent opportunity to get to know the country from North to South in a safe way and also make friends. We had access to places thatmore we would know on a trip made alone or through an agency. "

Dulcinea, Geneva

"...dear Silvia and David, withoutyou, India would not have the same value in my eyes. You made me love this country immediately thank you both for your generosity, your passion and respect for this country, your simplicity, your culture, your pedagogy, your patience, your tolerance and your sence of humor. Stay as you are, you are fantastic.

Thank you for your wonderful organizational work.  It is the most difficult thing and you have done it. "

Sarra, France

"This trip to India for me was the fulfillment of a long-desired dream, maybe that's why I felt so connected with all the Energy, colors and smells present in all of India.
I can only describe this trip as Magical.
Since arriving in New Delhi, during and back home, I have always felt supported and safe.
The trip organizers (Silvia and David from Villa Prana) transmitted a lot of knowledge, security and support throughout the trip (several destinations) to ensure you have peace of mind.
I always felt very confident and happy, being able to embrace everything that India has to offer.
I recommend this experience to everyone.


Ana Paula, Portugal

"tvand the privilege of making the trip to India in December 2022 with Sílvia and David and it was, without a doubt, a pleasure to discover part of such a fantastic country in the company of both of them.
There were two guides that allowed us to relax during the whole trip thanks to the experience and knowledge that both have in this country, which made us feel safe and with the certainty that we were in good hands!
I loved the first part of the trip where we got to see some of the main attractions of this incredible country, and I loved the second part of this trip even more where we stayed at an amazing resort by the sea where we could relax and enjoy ayurvedic treatments and yoga classes all mornings with a fantastic view of the sea. It was, without a doubt, an unforgettable trip!
Thank you for providing me with such unforgettable moments and experiences!


marta, portugal

"My Journey... the Journey of my Life
I embarked on this adventure with many fears… I had never made a trip of this size and to a country where life is not exactly easy for millions of people. But... then, the people, the smells, the climate and their humility take hold of us, and you are absorbed by them as if you were already part of that exotic mix, you open your chest and let yourself go, devaluing one or the other. another less pleasing aspect to the eye... You are in INDIA and it is wonderful.
Finally, we have the Panchakarma that cleans us, rejuvenates us and fills us with energy and peace at the same time. The true treatment to find again the healthy balance to continue our journey.
Dhanyavad, Namaste.


Tripadvisor - Aviajarpelomundo, Portugal


For any questions, we are here to help you achieve your travel dreams.

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