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Ana Luísa Gonçalves

Bachelor's and Master's degree in Physics and Chemistry | Aromatherapist

She has a degree and master's degree in Physics and Chemistry. She is a professional teacher and accredited teacher trainer and has also held various positions in public and private schools and training institutes since 2003. She has developed projects
national and international and produced scientific publications in the areas of education and science.

The pleasure in investigating and uncomplicating science led her to discover the area of well-being with a global focus on the body, soul and spirit triad, combining will, wisdom and love, with the greatest awakening in 2016, after a process of self-knowledge and self-healing. Quantum physics, the ancient medicine Ayurveda, integrative medicine, holistic nutrition, healthy eating, meditative practices and, more recently, the philosophy of yoga, are the tools that emerged from an inner invitation and that now strengthen it. and prepare it for sharing.

Appreciate and enjoy the sea, nature, reading, painting and dancing. Passionate about combining science with spirituality, she added the professional aromatherapy course in 2022, simplifying the world of essential oils. These skills allow you to put into practice your desire to get closer to people, sharing and proposing natural and balanced solutions, with scientific certainty. Honor, especially as an aromatherapist, your flag - aromatherapy, bridge between medicines! – with the transmission of knowledge, with holistic counseling, to restore physical and emotional balance or to enhance individual and collective well-being.



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