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Villa Prana is a fusion between a Holistic Center and a Guest House.  

It was born as a project of Love, with the aim of taking holistic practices such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation and Pilates, among others, to the Community and to those who visit us. always with  detail and description our main Mission is to help and take care of everyone who appeals  to alternative solutions to treat, prevent and promote well-being and health. Because well-being does not only depend on the physical body, we offer a wide range of therapies and solutions taking into account the mental and spiritual body as well.

Live Prana, Live Well...

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Villa Prana transitioned from its ethereal form to a physical form  on January 25, 2016, like a big dream and desire to help others. Through the services available at Villa Prana, you will be able to maintain, protect and even heal your physical, mental and spiritual body.



    It is a space designed for physical and mental well-being, decorated with the Art of Feng Shui, based on the harmony of the five elements, providing balance in the various planes. With three distinct aspects that complement each other, you can attend comfortable classes of Yoga, Pilates or Clinical Pilates, Qi Gong and Tai Chi.  The available practices complement each other, carried out by top professionals, with the knowledge and sensitivity  to help you find balance in your life.  A space not only for collective classes, but also private and personalized and adapted to the  physical and mental state of each individual.

    Massages, consultations, specialized programs, workshops, top training, among others, are also available.  rejuvenate  with Ayurveda Therapy and other therapeutic practices, designed for your well-being, physical and mental health.  Your aesthetic concerns will not be left to chance... take the first step: schedule your treatment and  house brand will do the rest - [Comfort Zone].

As Villa Prana's matrix is mainly based on the approach and point of view of Ayurveda Therapy - Traditional Indian Medicine - we promote themed cultural, spiritual and therapeutic trips, with partners, in India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, among others.


The Guesthouse - Guest House - complements the Villa Prana project, with rooms thinking about comfort, lightness and harmony. With 4 bedrooms  and a second practice room, we make it possible to carry out training, retreat and activities in a much more convenient way.

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