Meet The Team


David Coelho

Manager & Travel Dpt.

With a degree in Tourism, with more than 22 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, he felt with his Companion and wife to open his own accommodation, with a yoga studio, the main skills of Sílvia. He organizes trips to India, his second home every year. Every year together with Silvia, they travel to India with groups for spiritual and therapeutic purposes


Sílvia Duarte

Manager & Yoga Instructor

With several degrees in Yoga, she is the main teacher at Villa Prana. From an early age committed to the well-being of physical body, 15 years ago, this purpose was combined with her mental and spiritual body. Married in India, she travels annually through Nepal, Thailand, Tibet, being passionate about animals.



Joy & Simpathy

He joined Villa Prana team in February 2019, rescued from a kennel. He had never been adopted, and his life changed 180º.
He shows his gratitude on a daily basis, sharing it with Joy and Sympathy to those who visit him
More than a Family Member

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Cristiane Krás Borges

Vijñana Yoga Instructor

Yoga practitioner for about 12 years. Encouraged by teacher and friend Silvia Duarte, inspired by the aromas and colors of a trip to India, she decided to proceed on the adventure of training in Traditional Hatha Yoga and Vedanta with Pedro Kupfer. Along with this, about 6 years ago she started practicing in Vijnãna Yoga with the teacher Teresa Caldas, who continues to follow.


Vanda Lucas

Therapeutic Yoga Instructor

With her educational bases in Physiotherapy and physical rehab, her classes are focused in alignment and stretching.

With Africa and Asia in her heart, travelling became a natural result, originating several humanitarian missions. Naturally, Yoga and her main professional activity became united, resulting in amazing results when gathered towards the therapeutic process.
Everyday Grateful to the Universe!!!


Katherine Añez

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

She discovered Yoga seven years ago, traveling to India, where she completed her 200hr course in Goa. Her classes are composed by Chanting, Pranayamas and Ásanas, inspired by Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa, promoting a deep connection between body and mind.


Diogo Elói

Pilates Instructor

Pilates teacher, graduated in Physical Education, applies his knowledge in class in order to optimize the exercises according to the physical condition of each student. In its classes diverse material is used, from Swiss ball, elastic bands, among others giving an attractive dynamic to them.


Ana Clemente

Physiotherapist | Clinical Pilates

Graduated in Physiotherapy at Universidade Atlântica in Lisbon since 2012. With clinical practice since 2013, recently more focused on hydrotherapy and clinical pilates group classes, promoting physical and emotional well-being. Her patients are carefully and individually monitored.


Sofia Leitão

Physiotherapist | Clinical Pilates

Physiotherapist licensed since 2012, with experience in Geriatrics since 2013. Operates in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of muscle skeletal disorders, in order to restore, develop and promote health and well-being. Her classes are dynamic and adjusted to each pathology of the patient. Regardless of collective classes, the practice is individual

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Iolanda Monteiro

 Hatha Yoga Instructor

Sees yoga practice as a healthy lifestyle, self-knowledge and respect for the body.
Yoga brought her the calm, inner peace she didn't felt in other practices and it became very clear at some point in her life that the path was to share this knowledge that helped her so much, with others

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Igor Coelho

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

His classes are an intense stimulus towards the connection between mind and body, starting on breathing, in order to access the true needs of each body. Based on Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga alignment, its classes offer fluidity, unexpected transitions and a lot of "fire", balancing the male and female energies, present in each one of us.


Luísa Geraldes

Iyengar Yoga Instructor

Luísa Geraldes is a certified IYENGAR® yoga teacher, intermediate level Junior I, with over ten years of teaching experience.

Yoga practitioner for over fifteen years, she traveled to India several times to deepen her yoga practice and her knowledge of Vedānta, and vision of Yoga. Due to her conviction in the practice of Yoga, she is a passionate, generous and dedicated teacher.


Joana Oliveira

Physiotherapist & Masseur

With a Physiotherapy graduation, she is a professional dedicated to helping her patients, both physically and mentally. Develops specific muscle recovery bodywork, as well as promoting physical recovery in Alzheimer's patients.


Maca Bravi

Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga Instructor

Argentinian dancer, performer and yogi. The practice of Ashtanga Yoga was the only form of yoga that could fill her, realizing that it was the perfect balance and the combination of body and mind.
In 2016, she moved to Australia, where she started practicing Vinyasa Flow, wherew she attended and completed her 200HR TTC training. Her classes focus on developing strength, balancing the mind and body with dynamic movements and pranayama practice.


Soon another professional joining us

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Ana Rita Lucas

Ayurveda Therapist

Graduated in Pharmaceuticals, she is an Ayurveda therapist and active meditations facilitator - OSHO.

Through her Ayurveda treatments she seeks to treat her patients physically, mentally and energetically.


Claudio Vicente


Dedicated to therapeutic massage for 10 years.

Passionate about helping others, to feel the body regeneration after the treatments.

Also therapist with experience in Lymphatic Drainage and post surgery recovery. 


Kicki Kamskog

Holistic Aesthetics & Massage

With an International diploma in Massage and aesthetics, her mission is to promote through her treatments Health and Wellness. For several years providing training courses in this field throughout the world.