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STUDIO and online classes simultaneously

Our Weekly Schedule is Bigger and Better than Before.

New classes were added to full the limitation by having a maximum of 8 practitioners per class.

All Classes are ON. To attend any class is mandatory to request availability in advance.

All safety measures concerning the COVID 19 are taken very serious and applied every day and before every class.

Massages and Treatments are available by booking in advance.

All Classes are by drop in or Classes cards having in mind the full flexibility attending.

Class Reservation 

Through the link above "Book Here", you can access the updated Villa Prana Weekly Schedule, where you will be able to book, cancel and even have access to new events, workshops. You can choose to pay on site, if you are a resident student, or pay directly in the application. Apart from the means available for payment on the website, you can also use the ATM transfer and the MBway 926372366 application, having to inform us of the realization of the same.
Important: register and fill in the data before making any reservation.
If you have a card with us and are unable to book classes, please contact the Villa Prana reception: 282 484 256.
Mobile devices
For mobile devices downloading the Momoyoga App is suggested for a better experience and booking comfort.
Download Link: Momoyoga App
After downloading, you must enter your registration data such as e-mail and password.
Class Cancellation Rules
It should be noted that classes are available for booking, however cancellation is only possible up to 6 hours before the class in question, and cannot be canceled within that period, resulting in the discharge of the "credit" class in question. The same is due to the validity of each card:
  • 5-class cards - 2 months validity;
  • 10-class cards - 3 months validity;
  • single classes 1 week validity.
After the validity expires, you will need to purchase a new card or class.
Which Pass Card should I purchase:
  • Card 5 and 10 60' classes - includes 60' Yoga and Pilates classes;
  • Card 5 and 10 90' classes - includes 90' classes of Iyengar, Therapeutic Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga with due duration;
  • Card 5 and 10 Clinical Pilates Classes | Therapeutic Yoga 60' and Yoga 75' - includes the mentioned classes;
  • Aula Avulso 60' - 60' Yoga and Pilates classes;
  • Aula Avulso 75' - 75' Yoga Class, Clinical Pilates and Therapeutic Yoga;
  • Aula Avulso 90' - Yoga Class 90' - Iyengar Yoga or Therapeutic Yoga.
Note: You will be able to attend classes even those not included on your card, making the extra payment established. Consult the conversion table available at reception.