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At Villa Prana, the massages and therapies available, beside having the relaxation component in mind, its principal goal are the therapeutic and treatment purposes. All the massages and manual therapies are much more than a simple massage, they are a treatment to a specific goal, a maintenance for the physical and mental body, a simple but important help for the regular function of organs and physiological processes in the human body.



Profound and relaxing massage that provides mind and body balance. High Grade Essential Oils are used, with specific techniques to promote a better blood circulation, toxins elimination, stress relief, etc.



Consists in specific techniques to be applied to the body tissue having in mind the treatment of pain symptoms, like joints and muscles stiffness, intense physical activity, fascia adhesion release, etc.



Feet Reflexology its is a non invasive therapy, to stimulates the body auto healing process, by stimulating specific points in the foot sole, for stress and pain relief, as well  as muscular tension, maintaining good heatlh.


Sport Massage

The Sport massage are a deep and dynamic set of movements with the objective of muscular fibres reconstruction, injuries prevention and physical regeneration of the athlete. The rhythm is strong and intense


Back Massage

Manual therapy having it focus in the posterior upper body, having in its objective the cervical, dorsal and lumbar regions hypertension release


Villa Prana Aromatic

A fusion between relaxation and therapeutic massage with a high quality selection of aromatic oils to be choosen depending of the taste of each person. Having in mind deep relaxation  and a physical and mental energetic nourishment



Originating in Ayurvedic Medicine, with the knowledge of over 5000 thousand years, it is one of the most complete massages that there is knowledge. Its benefits are both physical and mental, as well as energetic and spiritual.


Lymphatic Drainage

Vodder Technique preformed with a soft, slow and repetitive pressure, applying a "pulling and relaxing" action in the subcutaneous tissue in 2 different phases. Suited in cases of fluid retention, cellulite reduction, weight loss, etc.


Deep Tissue

It works with muscle groups through deep and effective maneuvers to relieve tension, eliminate lactic acid, decrease muscle stiffness, bringing relief and recovery of muscles after physical activity. Most of people pain comes from an absence of myofascial release.

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