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Journey to India
Goa & Kerala

January 2023

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Namaste!! Opportunity of a lifetime to travel with us after a long period of collective deprivation. This trip will be much more than just a trip, as always, with a focus on a physical, emotional and spiritual experience, appealing to the attention of the 5 Senses.

There will be about 20 days of many experiences, including Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, cultural visits. We have partnerships with several years of experience. Take time for yourself and reset your life, your health and balance yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. With or without experience you are always welcome, we take care of you and that you will not lack during this transformative experience.

Journey is open to All

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International flight not included

2nd to 20th January 2023
culture, religion
Yoga and Ayurveda

Max. 10 pax

We provide payment facility


DAY 1 – Monday – January 2nd
Departure from Lisbon to Mumbai, via Dubai. Departure scheduled at 20.45hrs Lisbon time.

DAY 2 – Tuesday – January 3rd
After arrival in the early afternoon at Mumbai Airport, and procedures for entry into India, it will be necessary to change terminals at the Airport to continue connecting to a domestic flight to Goa. Upon arrival at Goa airport, transfer will be made to the Yoga and Ayurveda Resort in Mandrem, North Goa.

Match:Mumbai by: 17.00 Hrs | Arrival: Goa by: 18.05 Hrs
Welcome Dinner.
Included:welcome dinner

DAY 3 – Wednesday – January 4th
Goa is a state in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. Its long history as a Portuguese colony before 1961 is evident in its preserved 17th-century churches and the region tropical spice plantations.
Goa is also known for its beaches, which range from popular stretches in Baga and Palolem to those in laid-back fishing villages like Agonda.
The day will be dedicated to initial Ayurveda diagnostic consultations in order to frame and detail the treatments for the following days, for each participant.
The stay in Goa will take place in a Yoga and Ayurveda resort.
Included:Breakfast – Ayurveda Consultation

DAY 4 to 10 – Thursday to Wednesday – January 5 to 11
The next days will start with morning yoga classes at 7.30am, followed by taking of Ghee and treatments, provided by the Ayurveda Center of the specialty – Ayurclinic Goa, under the guidance of Dr. Rohit Borcar and his therapists.
A partnership that started more than 10 years ago, it constantly receives groups for detox (panchakarma) and rejuvenation (rasayana) treatments from several European countries as well as from Portugal, with Villa Prana being its exclusive partner.

About Ayurveda Medicine
Ayurveda means, in Sanskrit, science (veda) of life (ayur).
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian therapy that uses techniques of massage, nutrition, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, among other techniques, as a method of diagnosis, prevention and also healing, based on studies of the body, soul and mind.
In this therapy, it is believed that the human body is made up of 3 principles, or Doshas, which are Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which are combinations of the elements Air, Ether, Fire, Water and Earth. As a way to balance them, massages, food and phytotherapy, specific to each Dosha, are used.
All treatments are carried out with vegetable and essential oils of high therapeutic quality.
Start of consultations at the clinic, with a view to starting Panchakarma treatment the next day. Rest of the day free for personal activities.
Group leaders will be available throughout the day to help with queries, translate queries, resolve various issues.

Options will be suggested during the Panchakarma treatment to fill the day with different activities. The respective treatment lasts for 7 days.
All participants on the trip will carry a set of information that they will be able to carry out, which will be useful from that moment on. We found in several participants in other editions that health problems that always persisted even after attempts at various treatments, with the experience of Panchakarma they managed to obtain useful “tools” to slow down or even extinguish these imbalances.
Ayurveda Medicine can be useful for several diseases, however it should be taken into account that we are all different and what may be useful for some, may not work for others. However, there must be a compromise on both sides – therapist/patient.
Included: Breakfast – Yoga Classes - Treatments and medications and Detox Panchakarma treatment.

DAY 11 – Thursday – January 12
After breakfast, the group will prepare their belongings for check-out, with a view to transferring to Dabolim airport for a flight to Cochin, however the morning will be free for the last farewells to Goa.
Kochi or Cochin is spread across islands and headlands in a stunning location between the Arabian Sea and the Back waters. The town was founded in 1341 when a flood created a natural safe haven that became the main port for the Malabar Coast spice trade. Cochin was on the main trade route between Europe and China. The rulers invited people of various faiths to settle here, attracting both Jews and Christians who built places of worship and their own communities.
Upon arrival at Cochin Airport, the group will be transferred to their hotel for check-in.
dinner at the hotel
Included:Breakfast and dinner – transfer airport/hotel

DAY 12 – Friday – January 13
After breakfast at the hotel, proceed to Cochin sightseeing tour.
After check-out, we will visit the oldest Jewish Synagogue in India, built in 1568; it was destroyed by the Portuguese and rebuilt by the Dutch a century later.
We continue our “diving” into Chinese fishing nets. Fishing nets, operated through leverage, line the entrance to the harbor mouth. Chinese traders are believed to have originally introduced them in the 14th century, although parts of the nets are now known by their Portuguese names.

From the Chinese fishing nets we will move on to visit the Church of São Francisco, originally named in honor of Saint Anthony and dedicated to him as the Patroness of Portugal, the Church of São Francisco is the first church to have been in the new tradition influenced by Europe. Originally a wooden building was replaced by the current stone building. Vasco De Gama died on the site in 1524 and was originally buried in the cemetery. 14 years later, his body was removed to Portugal. The church was renamed San Francisco in 1663.
Included Lunch at the local restaurant.

In the afternoon, the tour will pass by the Indo-Portuguese museum. The Indo-Portuguese Museum situated in Fort Kochi sheds light on the strong Portuguese influence in both art and architecture in the region. The museum today is an important center for understanding the heritage of Indo-Portuguese Christian Art, which is still surviving.
The museum is the result of the tireless efforts of the late Dr. Joseph Kureethra, Bishop of Kochi. Driven by a commitment to protecting the rich heritage of his Diocese, the Bishop created the Indo-Portuguese Museum to preserve some of the priceless collections for posterity. The museum is divided into five main sections, according to the nature of the exhibits. They are - Altar, Treasury, Procession, Civil Life and Cathedral.

In the evening, we will visit a local theater to watch traditional Kathakali dance show. At the Kathakali dance center we will witness the most elaborate dance forms in South India. We will be able to visit the artists preparing with the makeup for the final presentation. Kerala owes its transnational fame to this nearly 300-year-old classical dance form, which combines facets of ballet, opera, mask and pantomime.
Included:Breakfast, lunch and dinner – visit transport – bottled water

DAY 13 – Saturday – January 14

After breakfast at the hotel, we will check-out and head towards Kumarakom, about 45 Km away / about a 90-minute drive.
Kumarakom is located on the south coast of India and enjoys a well-balanced tropical climate. The landscape is made up of thousands of green coconut palms that line the rivers and lean over to see their reflections in the glassy rivers.
Everywhere, nature is at its best. Blossoming in the perfume of flowers, In the multitude of birds of many colors, as well as in the enormous variety of freshwater fish. Upon arrival, we proceed to check-in at the hotel for the group. The rest of the day will be dedicated to free activities.
Included:Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner - bottled water

DAY 14 – Sunday – January 15
After breakfast at the hotel on time you will be taken to Kumarakom Jetty to board the boat that plies the waters of Kumarakom daily.
The boats are also known as the "Ketuvallam"; or the Rice Boat. The ketuvallam tour might be the most romantic tour you can have in the middle of the Vembanad Lake/Channel. A backwater comprises a unique web of rivers, lakes, bays, lagoons and canals that stretch through villages and towns. The backwaters are a central part of Kerala tourist synopsis, making an absolute cruiser through the twisting and meandering water flows.
Lunch on board the boat
We will sail through the narrow channels that run through exquisite Kerala villages, embellished with lush green fields, tall coconut grooves that add extra mysticism to the trip. A stay on Kettuvallams, the House boats of Kerala, offers a panoramic view of one of the most picturesque aspects of what is considered the “Kingdom of God” – God's Own Country.
In the afternoon we will be taken to our next stop - Varkala.

Varkala is a city in the Indian state of Kerala. Bathed by the Arabian Sea and known for Varkala Beach, backed by red cliffs covered with palm trees.
To the south, Papanasam Beach is believed to have holy waters. On a nearby hill, the ancient Janardanaswamy Temple is a Hindu pilgrimage site dedicated to Vishnu.
Further inland, the monument of Sivagiri Mutt honors a reformist personality who contributed on several fronts and to the evolution and social protection in the state of Kerala, the Philosopher Sree Narayana Guru, who is buried there. His main idea of “One Caste, One Religion and One God for human beings” was the basic idea of Sri Narayana Guru. He believed that education is the only way to achieve this. He built temples for the underprivileged communities as they were denied entry to the temples.
Upon arrival in Varkala, we will check-in at the hotel.
Included:Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner - Visit transport

DAY 15 – Monday – January 16
After breakfast at the hotel, we will visit the Temple in Varkala where you will be amazed by the history behind this place.
Originally built around 2000 years ago, its current structure dates back to the 12th century. Pilgrims come here religiously to pray to the main deity of the temple, Lord Vishnu. Most come here to perform final rites for their loved ones. The paintings of Lord Hanuman, in different poses, are also extremely famous. The temple is also popular as locals believe that praying here rids them of all kinds of illnesses and hence people of all religions flock to this holy place.
After lunch, you will have free time to enjoy the fantastic beach at your disposal.
Lunch and dinner at the hotel.
Rest of the day for personal activities.
Included:Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 16 – Tuesday – January 17
After breakfast at the hotel, we continue our journey from Varkala to Kovalam.
Kovalam offers excellent diversity with Kovalam beach to cater for all desires and occasions. Three curve-shaped beaches, alienated by rocky outcrops, covered by coconut palms, the beaches, especially the southernmost part of Praia do Farol. It is also full of shops and shacks offering all kinds of services.
Upon arrival in Kovalam, the group can enjoy activities of their choice, including massages, yoga classes or simply enjoying the sunset on the cozy beach of Kovalam.
Included:Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

DAY 17 – Wednesday – January 18
After breakfast at the hotel, we will transfer to Kanyakumari. Soaring red cliffs with deep blue waters and, of course, the coming together of three major bodies of water - Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean - there is definitely something magical about Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India. The place is all about perfect sunsets, enchanting full moon nights, delicious coastal food, walking along blue waters and of course the thrill of being in such a wonderful geographic destination. From scenic beaches to churches, temples, waterfalls and monuments, places to visit in Kanyakumari include some of the best scenery you'll ever see. Kanyakumari, a part of Tamil Nadu, is unique in many ways and offers unparalleled scenic beauty.
We will visit the holy temple which is 3000 years old and is dedicated to the pure and virgin goddess Kanya Kumari and the Memorial Rock of Vivekananda being another place in Kanyakumari that attracts a large number of visitors. As its name implies, it is essentially a sacred monument, built to commemorate Swamy Vivekananda visit to "Shripada Parai" during the 24th, 25th and 26th of December 1892 for deep meditation and enlightenment. From this Rock we can see the 41 meter high stone-built statue of the Tamil poet and philosopher Valluvar, author of the Tirukkural, an ancient Tamil work on Dharma and morality.
Lunch at a local restaurant in Kanyakumari.
After lunch and before farewell to Kanyakumari we will visit Our Lady of Rescue Church being a famous Catholic Church located in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu and was built in dedication to Mother Mary. A shining example of Gothic architecture, the church was built during the 15th century and is breathtakingly beautiful against the blue waves of the ocean behind. The golden cross on the central tower of the church adds even more beauty and charm to this magnificent structure, and its beauty and tranquility are what attract people the most.
Rest of the day free for personal activities.
Included:Breakfast lunch dinner

DAY 18 – Thursday – January 19
After breakfast at the hotel, we prepare our luggage for transport to Trivandrum for a domestic connecting flight with an international one, via Mumbai. Taking into account the international flight scheduled for the following morning, we will spend the night in Mumbai where we will check in at the end of the day.

Lunch in Kovalam.
Departure from Trivandrum at 20.15hrs with expected arrival in Mumbai at 22.25hrs.
Remaining night for rest.
Farewell dinner
Included:Breakfast – lunch and dinner

DAY 20 – Friday – January 20
After breakfast transfer to Mumbai Airport for International Flight. Scheduled departure from Mumbai at 10.25hrs local time, bound for Lisbon. It may vary depending on the destination.
Included:Breakfast – Transfer Hotel/Airport


- 17 nights in a shared double room in hotels rated at least 3 stars; (For a single room, you must inform the organization and request an additional cost)
- Meal plan: full board when mentioned in the
- Domestic flights: Mumbai – Goa – Cochin – Trivadrum - Mumbai;
- 7-day Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment, with Ayurveda supplementation, Ayurveda diet, yoga classes, 2 consultations with an Ayurveda Doctor and 7 days of treatments and medications included;
- Yoga classes included during panchakarma treatment.
- All transport, excursions and sightseeing will be in an air-conditioned bus;
- Entrance fees to all monuments (one time only), road fees, parking fee, fuel fees, interstate fees, etc.
- English speaking local guide services (different guide in different cities) during sightseeing tours as per program in Cochin, Varkala and Kanyakumari.
- Kathakali dance show at local theater in Cochin.
- Partner services for assistance with all arrival and departure transfers at the airport.
- All currently applicable taxes

Not included:
- Entry visa to India for 30 days, single entry;
- International Flights Lisbon – Bombay – Lisbon;
NOTE: We will inform corresponding indicative flight.

- Expenses of a personal nature such as tips, laundry, phone/fax calls, alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages including packed drinking water during meals, video camera or camera fee, or smartphone usage at monuments, medical expenses, airport departure etc.
- Massages and other treatments outside of ayurveda panchakarma treatment.
- Any other services not mentioned.

- Prices are subject to change without notice;
- Fares include only the items specified in your itinerary.

The program may be modified if changes occur that are not possible to circumvent by the organization.

• Passport: with at least 6 months validity and 2 pages for blank stamps, on the date of arrival in India;
• Visa: ETA / e-Visa de Turismo (Tourist Visa 30 days = free as of today);
• COVID-19: Negative dRT-PCR COVID-19 report - test must have been performed within 72 hours prior to travel - or Complete COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate in English.
• Local Health Form;
• Full support will be given in terms of obtaining visas, filling out forms and submitting them;
• During your entire stay in India, the organization will take care of all the services and details without you having to worry about them.

We can provide assistance with the purchase of flights, for which you must send us an updated passport with at least 6 months of validity on the date of departure, as well as 2 blank pages.

• For South India – Goa and Kerala, we recommend that you bring light and fresh clothes, shorts, dresses, slippers, etc. Average temperature: 20/22º during the night and 32/34º during the day;
• For the entire trip, we advise you to carry cash instead of using a card, in order to avoid unnecessary commissions;
• You should avoid using a cell phone, resorting to the use of applications such as whatsapp, Messenger, zoom, among others;
• Date conversion: 09/12/2022 – 1 Euro = 79.8 rupees;
• The airline we will use will be Emirates Airlines where the maximum weight per hold bag is 25/30kgs, depending on the class, and for hand luggage 7kgs. Pay attention to the items allowed in hand luggage; - you can view these same items through the following link;

Before departure:
All passengers must provide a COVID-19 RT-PCR test report for a test performed within 72 hours of travel or a vaccination certificate indicating they have been fully vaccinated at least 15 days prior to arrival. Vaccination certificate must have been issued in India, UAE or specific countries from the list given on Ministry of Health, Family and Social Security website (Opens an external website in new tab), Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and Air portal Suvidha.
The arrival
Passengers are subject to random testing upon arrival at the airport. Passengers selected for testing will be required to submit their samples and may leave the airport. Passengers who test positive will be treated/isolated as per current guidelines.

Necessary documents
Passengers must provide complete and factual information on the health declaration form on the Air Suvidha online portal prior to their scheduled travel, including their travel history for the last 14 days.
All passengers must download the Aarogya setu app to their mobile devices.
All passengers must present a copy of the documents below:
- Digital copy of the health declaration form (SDF) with the reference number;
- Digital copy of a COVID-19 RT‑PCR test OR vaccination certificate.
The certificate must be in English, must specify the name of the passenger and the result of the test or vaccine administered.

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